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The poetry of image


Natasza H Kozlowska has been close to literature since the beginning of her studies, when she published her first book of poems.

She has always been influenced by magic realism and a part of her university research concerned a correlation between mythology and poetry.

 Today again the literature and music which she had studied at the music conservatory remains a source of inspiration for her art.

Her painting and photography follow the same young age fascinations, portraying the magical nature of the rational world.

She looks at daily life through a mysterious lens, providing to what seems seemingly trivial an imaginary, dreamlike dimension, as evidenced by her description of the alchemy of the creative process:

“Taking photos as well as painting is for me a kind of trance. I neither take accidental photos, nor do I draw haphazard sketches.

I’d rather immerse myself into the intimacy of the present moment, waiting until it’s saturated with meaning.

And then, like on the surface of a distorting mirror, shapes, contrasts, tones start to appear and ripen. 

If they speak to me, I reach for my pencil and a sketchbook, or a camera.

 I try to catch the timidity of an instant, the humility and majesty of everyday detail, inconspicuous things; the sound of a shade, the colour of silence.

 Details fascinate me. I have a passion to penetrate deeply into impressions that seduce all my senses, tempt and permeate me.

I look for the mystery, magic and myth. I want to invite the tangible reality to meet personal and collective subconscious, so that they can cohabit, melt and affect each other in the mutual space.”

Natasza H Kozlowska was born in Lodz, Poland in 1969.

She lives and works in Paris, France.

She graduated from the University of Wroclaw, Poland with an advanced degree in English Literature and Pedagogical Studies, continuing at the Parisian Sorbonne where she obtained her Master’s Degree.

When she arrived in France in 1997 she began collaboration with several socio-cultural, art and design magazines, in collaboration with a famous Polish photographer Eustachy Kossakowski.

A few years later she left Paris for Burgundy where her interests branched out to include professional interior decoration and art.

Her works have been acquired by companies in France, as well as private collectors of art in Europe and the United States.

She participated in many collective exhibitions in France and in Poland, (among others the Fotofestiwal of Lodz, Poland, in June 2015) and in Sweden at the Temporary Gallery in Stockholm.

Her photographs are periodically exhibited by the Parisian gallery Roi Doré, recently at “Nanoart” and “Life is a tale” exhibition where her works were shown alongside worldwide known Polish artists as Zdzislaw Beksinski, Jozef Bury, Andrzej Dragan…

A big retrospective personal exhibition is (actually) currently being held in CTA Centre, Paris, France.


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